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May 2016
Christopher Neff discusses queer politics and the American General Election on ABC's Planet America
The quest for quantum on Future Tense
Pitfalls lie ahead as Myanmar advances along its democratic road
How Duterte won the election on Facebook
When less was more: external assistance and the political settlement in Somaliland
Where does Taiwan stand on the South China Sea?
Yemen - looking beyond counterterrorism
November 2015
A/Professor Jingdong Yuan to visit the National University of Singapore as Senior Visiting Research Fellow
August 2015
CISS Associate Professor Jonathan Bogais newly appointed with the Sumitro Chair for Southeast Asian Studies at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington DC
July 2014
ARC's Future Fellowship Awarded to Associate Professor Benjamin Goldsmith
June 2013
Somaliland: Where sovereignty means something
November 2012
CISS Dr Sarah Phillips awarded prestigious Australian research grants
December 2011
Dr Sarah Phillips conducts scoping study in Somaliland