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Staff Feature: Dr. Thomas Wilkins explores issues facing the East Asian region today

15 October, 2013

In this Staff Feature, CISS staff member Dr. Thomas Wilkins visited Hong Kong and Macau to meet with fellow scholars to discuss security issues in the East Asian region.

CISS’s Dr. Thomas Wilkins participated in ‘Myanmar in Reform 2013’ at Hong Kong University, held between 17-19th June, 2013.  This symposium brought together experts on South East Asia from both academia and the policy world to examine the implications of the recent reform process in Myanmar.

He also visited a number of universities around Hong Kong and Macau, including Lingnan, Citi-U and Uni Macao, for discussions with Asian security specialists. While there he took the opportunity to inspect the Ex-Soviet Aircraft Carrier Minsk moored nearby.

That same month, Dr Wilkins participated in a workshop at Beijing University entitled, “Chinese Foreign Policy in the New Era,” with members from the Centre for International Strategic Studies and Rajaratnam School of International Studies, where he had previously been a Research Fellow under the ‘multilateralism in Asia’ program (Summer 2009-10).  There he presented his analysis of Sino-American rivalry in the Asia Pacific region.

Dr Wilkins capped off his East Asia tour with a workshop and conference in July at the Chinese Foreign Affairs University, where he presented a paper on ‘Japan-Korea Relations’. As part of this program he also visited a forum at the China Institute of International Studies.


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