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September 2017
Sarah Phillips to discuss Research Tools in Peacebuilding and Development at the Global Development Week @ UNSW
August 2017
James Der Derian presented at the Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations (HPAIR) 2017
July 2017
A critical read, James Der Derian writes on 'War in the Twenty-first Century: Visible, Invisible, or Superpositional?'
June 2017
Sarah Phillips writes on the 'The Norm of State-monopolised Violence From a Yemeni Perspective'
May 2017
Is uncertainty the defining feature of our contemporary experience?
March 2017
James Der Derian was interviewed on CNBC to discuss the recent London attack
February 2017
Project Q debuts sneak preview of forthcoming documentary at the annual ISA conference
January 2017
CISS member Charlotte Epstein is interviewed by E-IR on International Relations
November 2016
James Der Derian finds the similarities between Trump and Reagan in new op-ed for The Australian
Trump suggests an increase in America's military force in the Asia-Pacific
October 2016
Jingdong Yuan on increased tensions between US and China is Clinton takes presidency
Documentary film 'Project Z: The Final Global Event' screenings in Europe with CISS Director James Der Derian in attendance
August 2016
An interview with James Der Derian on E-International Relations
July 2016
Watch the full 8th Annual Michael Hintze Lecture in International Security presented by Sir Hew Strachan
May 2016
The quest for quantum on Future Tense
Sydney University quantum lab receives multimillion dollar grant from US intelligence
March 2016
Professor James Der Derian to present a paper on film 'Project Z' at the AAG Annual Meeting in San Fransisco
Why China proposed North Korea peace treaty?
February 2016
Probing the peace and security implications of quantum innovation
January 2016
Will the latest North Korean nuclear test cause Beijing to reassess its policy?
November 2015
US opens up international market for armed drones: Consequences unknown
October 2015
Launch of Project Q's new website
February 2015
CISS articles top Australian Book Review's most read articles of the past year
November 2014
CISS Director James Der Derian comments on recent surveillance issues
October 2014
Upcoming CISS Events in November
Dr. Adam Kamradt-Scott discusses the risks and containment of Ebola on CNBC
March 2014
CISS at the annual ISA Conference 2014
A rising power looks down under: Chinese perspectives on Australia
February 2014
A new letter from the Director of the Centre for International Security Studies
Visual threats: Lene Hansen’s Michael Hintze lecture to introduce first Q Symposium
December 2013
CISS Associates receive funding from the Australian Research Council
November 2013
From War 2.0 to quantum war: the superpositionality of global violence
CISS Director James Der Derian to present a talk at McGill University, Montreal
September 2013
Dr. Sarah Phillips on the Kenyan terror attacks on ABC1