Elsina Wainwright

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BA LLB (Hons) Qld, MPhil DPhil Oxford
Adjunct Associate Professor

Room 386
H04 - Merewether Building
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia

Phone: +61 2 9036 9252
Fax: +61 2 9351 3624

Dr Elsina Wainwright's research interests include conflict prevention, fragile states, statebuilding, Asia Pacific security issues, US foreign and defence policy, Australian foreign and defence policy, the South Pacific, and international development. Currently based in New York, she is a Senior Fellow in Conflict Prevention at the Center on International Cooperation at New York University.

From 2002 to 2006, she was the Strategy and International Program Director at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI), and was then a Visiting Fellow at ASPI until 2007. Prior to joining ASPI, she was an Associate with the management consulting firm McKinsey & Company and a consultant political analyst for the International Crisis Group in Bosnia. She studied as a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University, where she completed both her Masters and Doctorate in International Relations. While at Oxford, she was a Stipendiary Lecturer in Politics at Oriel College.



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