Postgraduate Programs

International and homeland security may once have been the near-exclusive domain of governments, but today, individuals and businesses are impacted directly by a range of emerging security threats, from pandemic disease and climate change to transnational organised crime and terrorism. Organisations in the public, private, and non-profit sectors seek appropriately trained candidates to help them face the challenges of the changing international security environment, yet many struggle to fill rising numbers of vacancies.

An integral part of CISS mission is to foster the development of the next generation of international security academics, strategists and practitioners. The Centre offers a full range of postgraduate research and coursework programs designed to launch students on their chosen career path, whether in business, academia, government, or non-governmental work. The Centre's Graduate Certificate program is ideal for people seeking to develop specialised knowledge in order to enhance the security dimension in their work. It is particularly relevant for those seeking a career in defence or the intelligence community, or in fields such as journalism, IT, public health, international development and a range of other government, consulting and business fields.

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