Research Degrees

CISS welcomes PhD, MPhil and Master of Arts (Research) applications from candidates with demonstrated records of academic and research excellence. The Centre's research spans four key areas in security (global security, biosecurity, infosecurity and geosecurity) drawing on diverse fields including defence, international relations, strategic studies, political science, environmental studies, law, business, public health, biology, and demography. Cross disciplinary proposals are encouraged. Current CISS research students are working on areas as diverse as: civil-military relations, energy security in Asia and the Pacific, statebuilding in the Middle East, health security and securitisation theory.

Postgraduate students form an integral part of the research community and academic life of the Centre and the broader Department of Government and International Relations, and regular research seminars deepen professional training, collaborative feedback, and students’ analytical skills. Visiting scholars, the Colloquium Series, and related conferences and workshops within the Centre, Department and wider university link students with professional networks across Australia and around the world.

A research degree provides graduates with the capacity to generate and critically evaluate knowledge, arguments, and evidence that is invaluable for careers in academic life, research institutes, and policy analysis, as well as in business enterprises, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. Students wishing to pursue a higher degree in research within the Department can consider a number of programs of study, including:

More Information

For more information, please also consult the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences postgraduate research degrees.

How To Apply

To be considered for entry into one of these programmes, all applicants must contact the Postgraduate Research Coordinator for the Department and send through the following documentation:

  1. a 1,500 word research proposal that outlines the central research question, the literature that the project will engage with, and the proposed methodology;
  2. current curriculum vitae, and;
  3. copies of academic transcripts

Once you have received confirmation from the Postgraduate Research Coordinator that you are eligible to apply, you will be invited to submit a formal application.