military threats

In line with our view that military threats are not the only challenges confronting our security, the Biosecurity research program examines the emerging and ongoing challenges associated with disease-related events, biological weapons, unregulated population movements, changing demographic patterns, and the national, regional and multilateral organisations and frameworks designed to improve cooperation.

disease threats

For example, how should governments in our immediate region respond to emerging disease threats such as H5N1 avian influenza, SARS, and MDR-TB? How can we best protect Australia from invasive diseases and pests while also helping improve regional and global health security? Are the current mechanisms and capacities to respond to health-related emergencies fit-for-purpose? How can we ensure greater openness, accountability and transparency for reporting disease outbreaks? What are the security implications of an ageing population in Australia and the region, and how can we best address this? How can governments throughout the region and internationally prepare for future disasters and develop the necessary capacities to respond to adverse events rapidly and comprehensively? These are just some of the central questions that our Biosecurity research program engages with to provide practical and policy-relevant research.

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