Events from 1 August, 2014

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  • 6th August, 2014

    The Archaeology of the Desert Cults and the Origins of Israel's God by Dr Juan Tebes, Catholic University of Argentina

    The idea that the origins of ancient Israel’s god, Yahweh, can be found in the arid southern margins south and south-east of Palestine (known as the “Midianite-Kenite hypothesis”), has a long history in biblical scholarship. However, adequate analyses of the
    archaeological evidence of the arid areas of the southern Levant are few. In this lecture, instead of looking to the (mostly biblical) evidence of the origins of Yahwism and assuming its origin lies in movements of people from the southern regions to Canaan in the Early Iron Age, Dr Tebes will focus attention on the archaeology of the cultic practices in the Negev, southern Transjordan, and northern Hejaz during the entire Iron Age, and how this information is related to the religious practices known in Judah and Israel during the biblical period, providing new light on the prehistory of the cult of Yahweh. The evidence will be evaluated not as a single, exceptional event, but as long-term process within the severalmillennia history of cultic practices and beliefs of the local peoples.

  • 18th August, 2014 to 23rd October, 2014

    Seminar Series, Semester 2 2014 - 18 August to 23 October 2014

    Papers are held in the Conference Room of the Centre for Classical and Near Eastern Studies of Australia (CCANESA), which is located on the first floor of the Madsen Builing on Eastern Avenue (at the City Road end) in the University's Camperdown campus.
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    Papers are followed by light refreshments, and all are welcome. For any further information, please contact Ben Brown Click here to email

    Lectures are free and all are welcome!