Phrontisterion is Greek for 'think-tank' – the think-tank of postgraduate students in Classics and Ancient History. We meet generally every second week to discuss our research and other aspects of university life… or just to eat and drink. We also organise events such as dinners for staff and students and the 'Practice ASCS' day, a chance to try out our papers before presenting them at the ASCS conference each year. Our meetings are advertised through the Phrontisterion mailing list (see below) and all postgraduate students are warmly invited to attend.

Phrontisterion is also a website where students can post everything from useful links and to Christmas party photos and send messages to the group mailing list:

The website is hosted at Yahoo! Groups. To join, you will need a free Yahoo! ID (sign up). To join Phrontisterion, go to and click "Join this group". Once your membership is approved, you will be able to post messages to the group and access all the files stored on the website.