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At the suggestion of listmember John Muccigrosso, ROMARCH would like to announce the creation of ACTA TEMPESTIVA, a World-Wide gazette where summaries of recent discoveries in Roman and Italian archaeology can be posted. The ACTA, hosted here at the ROMARCH Web site, are intended to serve as a 'first notice' of discovery, with the understanding that information is preliminary and not the 'final word'. The ACTA are not intended to serve as any sort of final publication, but rather to allow scholars in a wide range of related fields to be quickly made aware of new finds and their potential interest for our understanding of the past.

For instance, scholars may want to post descriptions and pictures of recently found unusual finds or situations for which they are seeking comparanda. Alternatively, doctoral candidates may wish to post an abstract of, or prospectus for, their thesis.

The guidelines of the ACTA are as follows:
  1. The announcements should be timely; discoveries within the last 2-3 years would be most appropriate.
  2. Subject material should be art or archaeology, including, but not limited to: new sites, architecture, objects, epigraphy, geoarchaeology, or materials science.
  3. Notices should be relevant to the art and archaeology of Italy or the Roman provinces, ca. 1000 BC - AD 700.
  4. The format will be of any length up to ca. 3-4 typed single-space pages (ca. 2000-2500 words), with the option of up to 3 illustrations (color or B&W, scanned) per entry. Notices may be in English, French, German, Italian, or Spanish; multilingual notices are encouraged. Authors may submit finished HTML coding; otherwise, any plain-text submissions will be encoded into HTML by the editor.
  5. References and bibliography should be included in moderation. References should either be in-line or in endnotes, with the bibliography at the end; no footnotes, please. For common abbreviations, refer to the American Journal of Archaeology 95.1 (1991) 1-16, and the Oxford Classical Dictionary, 2nd. ed. (for ancient authors).
  6. Acceptance is not automatic, and postings will be subject to editing for clarity. An editorial policy is not meant to dissuade submissions, but to make sure that the notices posted are concise, comprehensible, and of ready scholarly (and hopefully wider) interest. The turn-around time for notices is expected to be no more than 3-4 weeks, with most exchanges of texts (and images) done electronically, either by e-mail or ftp. Notices faxed or sent by regular mail are also accepted, but will take longer to post.
  7. Accepted entries will be indexed on this page, and announcements of new entries will be posted on the listserv. Authors should include contact information with their submissions, so that other scholars can get in touch with them.

The advantages of the ACTA are that textual and visual information can be posted essentially worldwide, with no publication cost to the author or readers. The editor must, however, reserve the option to apply a small fee for notices only in the event that the quantity of notices becomes such that he himself is charged for disk space or server time. In that event, no author(s) would be charged any fee without an express agreement between the author(s) and the editor.

All authors will retain copyright of (and be responsible for) the content of their individual notices. Notices will remain in the ACTA indefinitely; However, emendations may be submitted periodically to correct errors of fact or to add modified interpretations.

In sum, the ACTA TEMPESTIVA are meant to supplement (in perhaps a more timely and widespread fashion), not supplant, notices of discoveries given at conferences and published in journals, for the purpose of sharing information between scholars, and with the general public.

Interested persons should contact the editor directly:

Dr. Pedar W. Foss, editor, ACTA TEMPESTIVA
Kelsey Museum, University of Michigan
434 S. State Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1390
(313) 936-3483; fax: (313) 763-8976

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