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ANHS6901 - Rome and the Politics of Space I

Summer Main, 2011  |  Credit Points: 6

Coordinator: Dr Kathryn Welch


Throughout the Republic and Empire the public spaces of Rome were political capital. First triumphant generals, then emperors used them for advertisement, persuasion and coercion of a heterogeneous and massive population. This course explores the politics of space in Classical Rome, how different individuals interpreted the needs of their times in different ways and how they responded to the city populations at different times. Can the history of the built environment show us new aspects of an individual's principate and relationship to the population of Rome? Particular (but not exclusive) attention will be paid to topographical and architectural developments in the time of Caesar's dictatorship, Augustus, Domitian, Trajan, Hadrian and Constantine.


1x2500 word paper (50%), 3x short site studies (900 words equivalent) (20%), 3x short book reviews (900 words equivalent) (20%) and participation (10%)


25 day residential school in Rome

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May be taken concurrently with ANHS6902.

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