Associate Professor Lindsay C. Watson

Honorary Associate in the Department of Classics and Ancient History
School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry (SOPHI)
Quadrangle Building A14
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia

Fellowships and Awards

  • Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities (elected 2004)

Select Conferences and Invited Papers

  • 2003: Invited speaker at first Groningen Colloquium on Flavian Poetry, University of Groningen, The Netherlands
  • 2001: Invited speaker at international conference on Magic, ‘Hecate at the Crossroads’, University of New England, Armidale
  • 1999: invited speaker at University of Wales Institute of Classical Studies Colloquium at Haye on Wye, Wales (subject: Sextus Pompey)
  • 1998: Invited speaker at international conference on Greek and Latin Iambus, University of Trento, Italy
  • 1992: Invited speaker at international conference on Horace celebrating the retirement of Robin Nisbet from the Oxford Chair of Latin, Corpus Christi College

Select Publications


  • A Commentary on Horace’s Epodes (Oxford University Press, 2003): 604
  • Martial: Select Epigrams [with Dr. P. Watson] (Cambridge University Press, 2003): 374 pages
  • Arae: The Curse Poetry of Antiquity (Francis Cairns, Leeds, 1991): 263 pages

Book Chapters

  • ‘Horace’s Epodes: The Impotence of Iambos?’ in S. J. Harrison ed. Homage to Horace: A Bimillenary Celebration (Oxford, 1995), 188-202


  • ‘Martial 12. 32: an indigent immigrant?’ Mnemosyne 57 (2004), 311-24
  • ‘Bassa’s Borborysms: on Martial and Catullus’ Antichthon 37 (2003, published 2004), 1-12
  • ‘Martial 8.21, literary lusus and imperial panegyric’ Papers of the Leeds International Latin Seminar 10 (1998), 359-72
  • ‘Rustic Suffenus (Catullus 22) and literary rusticity’ Papers of the Leeds International Latin Seminar 6 (1990), 13-33
  • ‘Problems in Epode 11’ Classical Quarterly 33 (1983), 299-38
  • ‘Cinna and Euphorion’ Studi italiani di filologia classica 54 (1982), 93-110
  • ‘Catullus and the Poetics of Incest’ Anticthon 40 (2006), 35-48
  • The Epodes. Horace’s Archilochus? in the Cambridge Companion to Horace ed. S. J. Harrison (Cambridge UP, 2007), 93-104

    ‘The Bogus Teacher and his Relevance for Ovid’s Ars Amatoria’ Rheinisches Museum für Klassische Philologie

    ‘Of Hernias and Wine Jugs: Catalepton 12’ Mnemosyne

Other Interests

Golf, opera singing, reading modern novels, good wine