Undergraduate Study in the Department of Classics and Ancient History

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The University of Sydney will be closed from December 18 2014, reopening on 5 January 2015.
If you have queries regarding enrollment during this period please call the Student Enquiry Helpline on 1800 793 864 (excludes public holidays).

The Classics and Ancient History department specialises in several areas of study in the ancient world:

The Department also offers a challenging fourth-year Honours program after the pass degree has been completed. The central aim of the Honours year is the completion of a research thesis; seminars are also undertaken to complement the research project. Interested students should look at the Honours link on this page for further details.

Classics and Ancient History also contributes to the World Religions Program, together with the departments of Buddhist Studies, Arabic Language and Cultures, Hebrew, Bible and Jewish Studies, Sociology, Anthropology, and Studies in Religion. The World Religions major enables graduates to attain a multidimensional understanding of the world’s most influential belief systems, as well as their associated histories, textual traditions and practices.