Behavioural Economics: Foundations and Applied Research

The School of Economics at the University of Sydney will host a workshop on "Behavioural economics: foundations and applied research" on November 9-11 2017.


Keynote Speakers

The workshop will bring together researchers and policy makers working in the space of behavioural and neuro-economics. The first day of the workshop will focus on policy research and will include presentations and panel discussions with policy makers. The second and third day will focus on academic research presentations on applied field research with policy interventions, as well as foundations on the underpinnings of behaviour. There will be a workshop dinner on Friday November 10.

Workshop Organisers


Scientific Committee

Applied Policy: Stephanie Heger and Franziska Tausch
Behavioral Economics Foundations: Stephen Cheung and Pablo Guillen

Please email conference organisers if you have any questions or comments.