Blended Language Learning Conference

Monday 21 – Tuesday 22 July 2014
Old Teachers College Room 215,
Manning Road, The University of Sydney

Blended Language Learning: Who is learning? Teachers, students, or both?

Call For Papers

The School of Languages and Cultures, University of Sydney is inviting teachers and researchers in the field of language learning to submit papers for a conference on blended language learning which will be held on the 21st and 22nd July 2014 at the University of Sydney. The theme of the conference is Blended Language Learning: Who is learning? Teachers, Students or both?

Among the challenges faced by academics in the field of language education is the integration, planned and unplanned, of new online and technology-supported forms of interactions, communications and learning situations into the language curriculum. This quickly evolving learning context often leads teachers to review their conception of language learning and teaching and develop their ability to make good use of the new functionalities offered by new technologies.

Yet academics are not generally trained to harness the potential of new technologies for language study and often they are not users of the new technologies themselves. They are however placed in a situation where they have to address the learning needs of contemporary students with complex and multidimensional tools they are not familiar with.

In the same way, students are usually expert users of a small range of technologies, mainly related to social media and mobile audio and video production, but are not necessarily skilled in the technologies used in academic language education. A blended language learning curriculum therefore requires an additional set of skills for both teachers and students.

This conference aims to reflect on the changes brought about by available online technologies in the field of language pedagogy and identify the types of skills and understandings now required from teachers and students. It aims to explore best practices in blended language learning and share blended language learning intitiatives in the Australian language learning context.

Submissions on, but not limited to, the following areas are invited:

  • Blended language learning theories and pedagogies
  • Learning strategies for blended language learning
  • Assessment and evaluation in a blended language learning curriculum
  • Student autonomy and engagement in blended language learning
  • Quality and best practice in blended language learning
  • Teacher professional development for blended language learning
  • Professional standards for teachers and students in blended language learning curricula
  • Role of the teaching and leaning infrastructure in blended language learning
  • Teacher and student expectations in blended language learning
  • Blended language learning and small enrolment languages
  • Language identity and culture and blended language learning
  • Blended language learning and the Learning Management System Blackboard
  • Blended Language Learning and the use of particular hardware and software technologies, e.g. Voice Tools, TurnItIn, Blackboard Collaborate, Audacity and video cameras, tablets, etc.
  • Blended Language Learning and mobile technology



For further information please contact:
Associate Professor Marie-Thérèse Barbaux