Modern Greek Studies Association of Australia and New Zealand Conference

Unframing Hellenism: Greek Culture After The Crisis

International Conference
4-6 December 2014
The University of Sydney

To frame means to form, construct, devise, conceive, imagine, picture and finally to incriminate: Hellenism can be seen through all such angles. Unframing Hellenism has as its purpose the de-stereotyping of Greek culture, the de-mythologisation of its current images and the reconstruction of its imaginative potential. Although the Greek crisis seems to have no end in the near future, Greek studies empower themselves by reconsidering their conceptual paradigms and canonical readings.

It is becoming obvious that the historicism that has dominated Greek studies is now obsolete and that the nostalgia for past certainties has proven dangerous. The need for future-oriented identities gains momentum and sets the conceptual foundations for new paradigms for self perception and self-articulation.

Together with culture, modern Greek subjectivity is actively deconstructed and re-constructed: antiquarian ideas, ethnographic representations and ideological obsessions are problematised and renegotiated. As the crisis still rages, it would be useful to map out new images of Greek culture and formulate new questions about its self-understanding.

The conference will attempt to bring together radical or revisionist ideas about the position of Greece in the global world and discuss their underpinning philosophies. This is the central question which we will approach from different methodological and conceptual vantage points.


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Conference program

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Organising Committee

  • Professor Vrasidas Karalis
  • Dr Anthony Dracopoulos
  • Dr Panayota Nazou
  • Dr Panayiotis Diamadis
  • Professor Peter Morgan
  • Dr Elisabeth Kefallinos
  • Dr Alfred Vincent