Step 1: Undergraduate Honours

In most cases when you enrol in Honours you’ll need to enrol in four units of study. These are Honours A-D. This applies to everyone enrolling in an Honours subject area within the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. Select your Honours area from the dropdown list below and your Honours units will be listed. The Honours Coordinator contact information is also provided for your reference.

If you are completing a course within the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences but are completing Honours in a department outside of the Faculty (e.g. you are Bachelor of Arts Honours completing Psychology) you can confirm your Honours selection with that department or you can check the relevant Faculty Handbook.

All Honours student enroll full-time, this means you will need to enrol in Honours A and B in your first semester, and C and D in your second semester.

Part-time study is only approved upon application. For more information, please refer to the Student Admin Manual.

If you are completing Joint Honours you should enrol in Honours A and C in one subject area, and B and D in the other. Your enrolment officer will also need to enrol you in the extra unit, HONS4000. Please speak with an Academic Advisor at your scheduled enrolment session who will assist you with completing your enrolment.

After you have enrolled you may need to contact the Honours coordinator in your department to find out about the Honours seminars available to you. You will not need to enrol in these formally but they will form part of your overall Honours grade.

Select Your Honours Subject Area