Step 2: Applying for Credit

I would like to seek credit for previous university studies

If you were offered credit as part of your application for admission, that credit should be available to you at the time of enrolment, and you will be able to plan your enrolment accordingly. For example; if you were offered and accepted credit for two of the core units in your course, you would not need to enrol in those units.

If you didn't apply during the application for admission, you will need to make an application after enrolment. In this case you should plan to enrol as if you were not receiving the credit. If your application for credit is successful, you'll be able to amend your enrolment at that time.

You can use our credit check tool to see if any of the units you have previously studied have been assessed by us before. Note that this site is an indication only and does not guarantee the granting of credit

When making an application for credit please note; there may be restrictions on what units can be credited to your new course, and the amount of credit that may be transferred. This will depend on the resolutions or rules of your new course so think about what you want to apply for and consider the following:

  • Does the credit I am applying for fit within the resolutions of my course and the resolutions of the Faculty (this includes the subject area, the number of credit points etc)?
  • Will there be room in my course, after credit is applied, to complete the compulsory components of my degree?

When should I apply for credit?

If you didn't apply for credit with in application for admission, you should apply for credit soon after you have enrolled. This will give you time to finalise your unit of study selections before the semester starts.

I am applying for credit for studies taken previously at The University of Sydney

Even if you have already completed Arts and Social Sciences units of study in this Faculty; we will not automatically transfer these units to your new course. Your new course will have new rules and sometimes not all of the units of study fit and sometimes students want to make new choices. You should make an application for credit via Sydney Student.

I am applying for credit for studies taken at another university (external credit), how do I apply?

More information about credit, including how to apply, can be found here.

Students enrolling into a Graduate Diploma of Economics or a Master of Economics

If you have previously studied Economics in another course you may be eligible to waive the foundational units required for a Graduate Diploma or Masters in Economics. Waivers will not reduce the total number of units required to complete your course, instead it will allow you to enter into more advanced areas of study, bypassing the need to repeat material you have already studied. For further information, please contact the