Step 1: Select your Course

Select the course you have been offered entry to from the drop-down menu below. Once you have made the selection the rules for that course will appear.

Take the time to read these as you will need to meet the requirements they set out in order to finish your course. Pay particular attention to the requirements for majors (e.g. you must complete at least one major from Table A) as you'll need to make an informed decision about choosing your major(s) in the following step.

When reading the rules, and making selections about majors and units of study, think about what you hope to gain from your course, what kind of interests you are hoping to pursue and whether you want to focus your degree around particular disciplines of have a broader experience in many subjects.

Below the course resolutions is a sample pathway that you can use as a template to map out your course. Each square represents a single Unit of Study worth 6 credit points.

When you are done, click on the red ‘Next Step’ button to add your course selection to your course planner and proceed to Step 2 – Choosing your Major.