Planning your enrolment

As a new undergraduate student in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences we understand that you may be in unfamiliar territory. You will need to navigate through course and unit of study information, and familiarise yourself with campus life, in the upcoming months.

The Faculty of Arts and Social Science’s Course Planner has information to assist you in choosing which subject areas you wish to major in, and in making your unit of study choices.

You can also watch the videos provided on this web site and hear from other students about their first year experience.

Using the Course Planner

The Course Planner will prepare you for an easier enrolment. Once you have gone through the steps and chosen your majors and units of study, you will be able to go through your enrolment with a plan in hand.

Changing your unit of study and major selections after enrolment

Remember, the choices you make today are not set in stone. You may receive additional support or advice that leads to you change your mind. All of this is okay, as you can change your enrolment before classes commence.

You can also vary your enrolment after classes commence but remember, you cannot add a unit after the end of the second week of semester and you can’t withdraw from a unit after the Census Date.

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