Step 2: Choosing Your Major

One of the decisions you will make during enrolment is which majors you intend to complete. This page will help you make a more informed decision about your majors.

What is a major?

A major is an area of specialisation within your course. Upon completion of your selected major you will have a broad understanding of that subject area and the ability to focus on, and carry out further research in that field. The number of majors that you will be able to complete will depend on the undergraduate course that you are enrolled in. The subject area that you choose to major in is indicated on your testamur.

Please note: If you are commencing your degree in 2014 every major offered by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences must include at least one unit of study at senior-advanced (3000 level).

Making your choices

You should take the time to explore the many options available to you in the list below. If you are not sure about what you would like to do, don't worry. Take the time to explore some of the subject areas you may not be immediately familiar with, do some research on the internet or talk to friends and family about where you hope your degree and education you take you. After you enrol you can also speak to our advisors to help you finalise your enrolment before semester begins.

Majors offered by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences are selected from Table A and majors offered by faculties such as Education and Social Work, Science, and the Sydney Business School are selected from Table B.

It’s important to remember that all courses offered by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences require you to take at least one major from Table A – though some courses require specific majors/subject areas to be completed. You can confirm if this applies to you, by checking your course requirements in Step 1.

If your course does have specific or core majors and subject areas to choose from, these will appear above Table A. Once you have made your choice(s) from the Core Majors/Subject Area section, you can continue to select other another major from Table A or B according to your course resolutions.

You will find further below, Table A and Table B, listing the majors available to you. By clicking on each major a pop-up will appear where you can read a description, including skills you can expect to gain, the kind of issues you’ll investigate and some potential career pathways. Once you have made a choice, click the red 'Add this to my majors' button.

The Course Planner will list your choices under My Majors. You can remove a choice from the list at any stage of your planning. Remember, the Course Planner won't actually enrol you - it is for planning purposes only.

Information about your major choices when using the Course Planner Tool

You can select up to four majors using the Course Planner however in most degrees you will only complete one or two of these. By selecting additional majors you are able to plan your first year in such a way that you will have multiple options later in your degree. Giving yourself options is useful if you are not exactly sure what you want to do or in case you change your mind in first year.

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