Downgrade (PhD to MPhil only)

PhD candidates who would like to downgrade their candidature to the Master of Philosophy must submit a request in writing, either in hard copy to the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences office, or by email from their University of Sydney email address. Candidates must provide reasons for their request, provide a detailed summary of work completed so far, and a detailed timeline for completion in the amount of time they would have remaining should their request be approved. Candidates must provide written support from their supervisor and their department’s postgraduate research coordinator or Chair of department prior to submitting their request to the Faculty office.

Please note: all time consumed during a candidate’s PhD enrolment will be deducted from the total allotment of time assigned for the MPhil. MPhil candidates are given a maximum of four semesters full time or 8 semesters part time to complete the requirements of the degree. As such, a PhD candidate who has already consumed four semesters full time or 8 semesters part time may not apply to downgrade to the MPhil.

It is not possible to upgrade from, or downgrade to, the Master of Arts (Research).