Scholarships are not administrated at a Faculty Level. For questions around the awarding of scholarships, you can contact the Scholarships office. (

Australian Postgraduate Awards (APA) and University of Sydney Postgraduate Awards (UPA) are offered to postgraduate research students undertaking a higher degree by research at the University of Sydney. In conjunction with the APA/UPA, top-up scholarships and other awards are also available. Please see below for further information.

The University of Sydney Postgraduate Award (UPA) has conditions and allowances similar to the APA. However, the award is funded by the University of Sydney and is not transferable to other institutions. The UPA is offered to applicants ranked on the Australian Postgraduate Award order of merit list.

For more information about scholarships for domestic students, you should see:

International Postgraduate Research Scholarships

Overseas applicants seeking admission to postgraduate research candidature may be eligible to apply for a scholarship. Details of all scholarships available to international students are listed online at: