All postgraduate research candidates are appointed a research and an auxiliary supervisor.

In some cases, you may need more than one research or auxiliary supervisor depending on the scope of your research. Your research supervisor will be responsible for the progress of your candidature and will be your main point of contact and support. Your auxiliary supervisor assists in the supervision of your candidature but may also have skills or experience relevant to your research. Detailed information about supervision can be found in the University’s Supervision of Higher Degree by Research Candidates 2013.

At some point, you or your supervisors may decide to change your supervision arrangements. This could include appointing a third supervisor, or changing a supervisor. If any change to your supervision is required, you will need to consult with your department’s Postgraduate Research Coordinator Postgraduate Research Coordinator. In cases where your supervisor is the Postgraduate Research Coordinator Chair of Department or Head of School.

How to Request A Change in Supervision

At this stage in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, supervision changes go through the CRS portal which is available only to your HDR coordinator. Applications made through your Sydney Student portal will not be declined.

See also

The Graduate Studies Office provides detailed information about supervision (including the responsibilities and expectations of candidates and supervisors).

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