Be Connected

There are a range of opportunities for you to be connected and supported while studying in Arts and Social Sciences.

To begin with you can go through the essential information before semester to find out who to speak to about your enrolment and unit of study selections, how to connect with fellow students, and learn about essential tips about settling into campus life.

Be sure to remain connected during semester to find out about essay writing support or how to master your presentation skills, stay on top of your workload, who to speak to about your course and career or how to vary your enrolment.

Towards the end of semester you can find out about honours or exchange opportunities (although it’s never too early to start planning ahead!), understand your results or what’s involved for graduation. You can also connect with our Faculty Alumni programs to stay in contact with your peers and the Faculty after you graduate.

Our Student Services team can help you understand course requirements and guide you throughout your studies. You can also contact your Unit of Study Coordinators and Tutors about lecture material and assessments or speak to an Undergraduate Academic Advisor about your academic direction. The University’s Student Support Services also offer a range of support services from accommodation, counselling, careers advice, health and financial support.