Degree Directors

Each degree offered in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences has a Degree Director assigned to it. The Degree Director is a senior academic who can provide advice about the structure of your degree, and who may be able to provide advice when you feel you have lost your way.

The Degree Directors are listed below.

Degree Director
BA (Languages)

Dr Rebecca Suter

BA (Media & Communications) Dr Fiona Giles
Bachelor of Arts Dr Anne Rogerson
Bachelor of Arts and Sciences [BAS] Dr Rebecca Johinke
Bachelor of Economics Dr Suraj Prasad
Bachelor of Int & Global Studies [BIGS]

Professor Vrasidas Karalis

Bachelor of Liberal Arts & Sciences [BLAS] Associate Professor Fiona White,
Bachelor of Political Economic & Social Sciences [BPESS]

Dr Susan Schroeder

Bachelor of Social Sciences Dr Jennifer Wilkinson
Bachelor of Socio-Legal Studies Dr Rebecca Scott Bray
Refer to the Postgraduate Coursework coordinator page for Degree Director information in your area of specialisation
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