Discontinue Fail

Steps to follow
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A grade of Discontinue Fail carries an academic penalty and you will remain liable for HECS or fees for the unit of study.

The academic penalty for Discontinue Fail is a grade of zero for the unit. This will count as a fail on your transcript but does not affect your Weighted Average Mark.

It is important to note that a Discontinue Fail grade can be a trigger for academic progression. This means you may receive a warning that you have not made satisfactory progress in your degree.

The last day to request a Discontinue Fail is the final day of teaching before the study period in each semester.

International students will need to provide supporting documentation in all cases where they are applying for a DF grade.

Students who experience severe and unexpected illness or misadventure in this period can lodge an application for a Discontinue Not to Count as Fail

Steps to follow

  • Consult the university’s Important Dates
  • Speak with an academic or student advisor
  • Submit an application through your Sydney Student portal in myUni under the “My Studies” tab
  • The outcome of your request will be sent to your university email address

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