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Table of grades
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Every student that completes a unit of study will receive a final grade for that unit, and in most cases, will receive a mark also. Not every grade will appear on the academic transcript however. See below for more details.

Grade Description Mark Comments
HD High Distinction 85-100  
D Distinction 75-84  
CR Credit 65-74  
P Pass 50-64  
F Fail 0-49  
R Met requirements - Used in pass/fail subject (ie completion of exchange)
UCN Unit of Study Continuing - Used at the end of semester for subjects which have been approved to continue in the following semester (ie honours or dissertation units)
INC Incomplete - Used when examiners have grounds for seeking further information or are considering additional work from the student before confirming a final result (eg results are sometimes delayed due to the outcome of special consideration applications)
AF Absent Fail - This can include unsatisfactory attendence, failure to submit compulsory assessments or failure to attend compulsory exams
W Withdrawn - Used when a student discontinues a unit before the Census date. This grade isn't recorded on an academic transcript
DNF Discontinued - not to count as fail - Used where a student discontinues a subject after the Census date, but before the DNF date (usually mid way through the teaching period for the unit), or after being granted a DNF after successfully applying.  This grade is recorded on the academic transcript
DF Discontinue - fail - Used when a student discontinues from a unit after the DNF but before the end of the teaching period for the unit.  This grade is recorded on the academic transcript and is considered a fail.

Concessional Pass

In the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences the grade PCON (Concessional Pass) is not awarded.

The grade of honours, and the honours mark, are determined by the performance of the student in the honours course (ie seminars and thesis). Honours can be awarded in the following grades;

Description/Grade Honours Mark
Honours First Class (I) mark=80-100
Honours Second Class. First Division (II.1) mark=75-79
Honours Second Class. Second Division (II.2) mark=70-74
Honours Third Class (III) mark=65-69
Honours not awarded mark below 65

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