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Enrolment is the process by which students enrol in a particular award course and select their units of study. Potential undergraduate and postgraduate students are required to enrol on the dates, and according to the procedures outlined in their offer letter. Enrolment usually occurs in late January and throughout February for Semester 1, and in July for Semester 2.

Local undergraduate students can choose to defer the payment of their fees through the HECS-HELP or FEE-HELP loan schemes, while local postgraduate students can utilise the FEE-HELP loan scheme. Both continuing and potential local students must choose to pay upfront, pay partially or defer their course fees prior to the census date each semester. More information can be found on the HECS and domestic fees website. International students are required to pay their course fees to the International Student Office before they will be permitted to enrol, and are required to present their passport and electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE).

All changes to enrolment must be made prior to the census date of the relevant semester or students may be forced to pay additional course fees. For first semester this is 31 March and for second semester it is 31 August.

Steps to follow

New students - Enrolment

Potential undergraduate and postgraduate students can only accept their offer by enrolling in person on the date and time specified in their offer letter. Student ID cards will also be arranged at this time. There will be student advisers and academics available to assist students during enrolment, as well as online 'enrolment planners' to guide students through their choices.

Continuing students re-enrolment - otherwise known as Pre-enrolment

Continuing students are not required to attend an enrolment session as they can (p)re-enrol for the following academic year through MyUni. Continuing students are sent an information package with instructions about re-enrolment procedures towards the end of the preceding academic year. More information can be found on the University Re-enrolment page.

Students who are unable to re-enrol on the internet are required to use the paper-based re-enrolment form, available on the University Re-enrolment page, and come in person to the Student Services counter before the specified re-enrolment closing date. Re-enrolment forms need to be submitted in the following cases:

  • Currently enrolled Honours students who are continuing with Honours in the following year
  • Diploma of Arts, Diploma of Social Sciences and Diploma of Language Studies students
  • Currently enrolled Bachelor of Arts (Advanced) (Honours) students

When a student pre-enrols online, they must ensure that they have completed or are completing the prerequisites for the units of study that they are pre-enrolling into. If the student then discontinues, or fails the pre-requisite unit of study they will need to amend their pre-enrolment online. This is to ensure that the pre-enrolment will roll over to the following semester.

If pre-requisites are not met the pre-enrolment will fail and the student will then receive a letter in January from the University advising them of this, and when and where to enrol in person.

The University sends written notification to all pre-enrolling students in mid January. Successful pre-enrolling students receive a confirmation of their enrolment, information about variation deadlines and an invoice for their compulsory subscription fees for the year, as well as applicable course fees for the semester.

Unsuccessful pre-enrolling students are notified in writing that they have failed to pre-enrol and are required to enrol in person on a date and time designated by the Faculty. Please ensure that your contact details are up to date.

The university Card Centre has useful information regarding student cards and travel concessions.

Enrolment variations

Once a student is successfully enrolled, or has successfully re-enrolled in an award course, it is possible to vary the enrolment through MyUni. All students have secure access to MyUni through the use of a login name and password given to them at their initial enrolment session. Any problems or queries with regards to MyUni should be referred to the University IT Help Desk.

If students are having difficulty varying enrolment via MyUni, they can complete an Enrolment Variation Form, available from the feature pane in the top righthand corner of this page, and submitting it to the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Office, or by sending it as an attachment to the appropriate email address, found on the form.

Important Note:
After a student varies their enrolment they should check their enrolment on MyUni as soon as possible, to check that the change has been made and is correct.

Enrolment variations can only be made in the periods designated by the Student Centre, and student access is restricted during January. There are deadlines for adding and withdrawing from units of study. Please check the Important dates page before requesting to vary your enrolment.

Withdrawing from units of study at different stages of the semester can result in different grades being given for the unit. This can also mean the difference between being financially and/or academically liable for the unit. For further information, please check the Distribution of grades page.

If a student chooses to add a unit of study, but has already missed some classes, they should contact the unit coordinator to catch up on any work, or important information about coursework and assessment, immediately.

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