Exchange Coordinators

Departmental exchange coordinators
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Departmental exchange coordinators
Department Exchange Coordinator
American Studies Dr David Smith
Anthropology Dr Anjalee Cohen
Arabic Language and Cultures

Dr Lucia Sorbera

Archaeology Dr Patrick Faulkner
Art History and Theory Dr Catriona Moore
Asian Studies Dr Lionel Babicz
Chinese Studies Ms Irene Shidong An
Classics and Ancient History

Dr Eleanor Cowan

Digital Cultures Semester 1: Dr Megan Le Masurier
Semester 2: Dr Kathy Cleland
Economics Dr Matthew Smith
English Assc Prof Peter Kirkpatrick
European Studies

Assc Prof Bronwyn Winter

Film Studies Dr David Kelly
French Studies

Surnames A-K: Dr Alice Caffarel-Cayron
Surnames L-Z: Assc Prof Marie-Therese Barbaux

Germanic Studies Dr Tristan Lay
Gender and Cultural Studies Dr Guy Redden
Government and International Relations Dr Robert MacNeil
Hebrew, Biblical and Jewish Studies Ms Yona Gilead
History Dr Miranda Johnson
Indonesian Studies Dr Vannessa Hearman
International and Comparative Literary Studies Dr Rebecca Suter
Italian Studies Dr Francesco Borghesi
Japanese Studies Dr Rebecca Suter
Korean Studies Dr Duk-Soo Park

Prof James Martin

Media and Communication

Semester 1: Dr Megan Le Masurier
Semester 2: Dr Kathy Cleland

Modern Greek Studies Prof Vrasidas Karalis
Performance Studies Dr Paul Dwyer
Philosophy Dr Alex Lefebvre
Political Economy

Assc Prof Damien Cahill

Sociology and Social Policy Dr Fiona Gill
Spanish and Latin American Studies Dr Anne Walsh
Studies in Religion

Prof Carole Cusack 

World Religions

Assc Prof Jay Johnston

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