Asian Studies

There will be no new enrolments in this program

The following units of study may be undertaken individually by approved postgraduate non-award candidates, or as part of postgraduate awards in other selected coursework areas of study.

Semester 1
ASNS6900 Contemporary Asian Societies
ASNS6903 Theory and Method in Asian Studies
ASNS6905 Asian Popular Culture

Semester 2
ASNS6906 Communicating in Asian Contexts
ASNS6908 Media Industries in East Asia
ARHT6937 Curating Asian Art

Available in Semesters 1 & 2
ASNS6010 Asian Language Acquisition 1
ASNS6011 Asian Language Acquisition 2
ASNS6012 Asian Language Acquisition 3
ASNS6013 Asian Language Acquisition 4
ASNS6091 Dissertation in Asian Studies (1)
ASNS6092 Dissertation in Asian Studies (2)
ASNS6097 Supervised Reading in Asian Studies (1)
ASNS6098 Supervised Reading in Asian Studies (2)