Postgraduate Coursework Coordinators

For academic advice and guidance in your area of study you may contact the relevant Postgraduate Coursework Coordinator.

Area of Study Coordinator
Applied Linguistics

Semester 1 - Dr Ahmar Mahboob
Semester 1 - Dr Shoshana Dreyfus

Art Curating Dr. Catriona Moore
China Studies Dr Beatriz Carillo Garcia
Creative Writing Assoc Prof Kate Lilley
Crosscultural Communication Dr Gwendolyn Hyslop
Cultural Studies Dr Anthea Taylor
Development Studies Dr Robbie Peters
Digital Communication & Culture Dr Fiona Giles
Economic Analysis Dr Pablo Guillen Alvarez
Economics Dr Pablo Guillen Alvarez
English Studies Professor Paul Giles
Executive Master of Arts and Social Sciences Assoc Prof Kathryn Welch
Health Communication Dr Olaf Werder
History Professor Penny Russell
Human Rights Dr Dinesh Wadiwel
Human Rights and Democratisation (Asia Pacific) Dr Elisabeth Valiente-Riedl
International Relations Dr Justin Hastings
International Security Studies Dr Justin Hastings
International Studies Dr Justin Hastings
Media Practice Dr Tim Dwyer
Museum & Heritage Studies Dr Annie Clarke
Peace & Conflict Studies Associate Professor Jake Lynch
Philosophy Assoc Prof Kristie Miller
Political Economy Dr Bill Dunn
Public Policy Dr Justin Hastings
Publishing Dr Megan Le Masurier
Sociology & Social Policy Dr Dinesh Wadiwel
Strategic Public Relations Semester 1 - Dr Alana Mann
Semester 2 - Dr Olaf Werder
Studies in Religion

Semester 1 - Dr Chris Hartney

Semester 2 - Carole Cusack

US Studies Dr Aaron Nyerges