Research Coordinators

For academic advice and guidance in your area of study, please contact the relevant Postgraduate Research Coordinator.

Area of Study Coordinator
Anthropology Semester 1 Dr Jadran Mimica Semester 2 Dr Gaynor MacDonald
Arabic Language and Cultures Dr Lucia Sorbera
Archaeology Dr Ted Robinson
Art History Dr Keith Broadfoot
Asian Studies Professor Adrian Vickers
Celtic Studies Prof Jonathan Wooding
China Studies Dr Beatriz Carrillo Garcia
Chinese Studies Dr Wei Wang
Classics & Ancient History Dr Jelle Stoop
Creative Writing A/Prof Kate Lilley
Digital Cultures Dr Joyce Nip
Economics Dr Kadir Atalay
English Dr Mark Byron
European Studies

Professor Peter Morgan

Film Studies

Dr David Kelly

French Studies

Dr Françoise Grauby

Gender & Cultural Studies Associate Professor Catherine Driscoll
Germanic Studies Dr Andrea Bandhauer
Government & International Relations A/Prof Ariadne Vromen
Graduate School of Government Associate Professor Joanne Kelly
Hebrew, Biblical & Jewish Studies A/Prof Ian Young

Professor Michael McDonnell

Dr David Brophy

Indian Sub-Continental & Buddhist Studies Dr Mark Allon
Indonesian Studies Dr Vannessa Hearman
Italian Studies Dr Giorgia Alu
Korean Studies A/Prof Ki-Sung Kwak
Japanese Studies

Dr Olivier Ansart


Dr Monika Bednarek

Medieval Studies Prof Jonathon Wooding
Media & Communications Dr Joyce Nip
Modern Greek Studies

Semester 1 - Dr Anthony Dracopoulos

Semester 2 - Professor Vrasidas Karalis

Museum Studies Dr Keith Broadfoot
Peace & Conflict Studies Dr Wendy Lambourne
Performance Studies

Dr Paul Dwyer

Philosophy Dr Kristie Miller
Political Economy Dr Michael Beggs
Sociology & Social Policy Dr Gyu-Jin Hwang
Spanish & Latin American Studies Dr Vek Lewis
Studies in Religion

Semester 1 - Professor Carole Cusack

Semester 2 - Dr Chris Hartney

Writing Hub A/Prof Susan Thomas