2014 Teaching Fellowships

I have had an excellent TF experience and I believe the fact that I was offered a full time lecturer

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is pleased to announce that it will fund 10 Teaching Fellowships (TFs) in 2014.

The Teaching Fellowship scheme is designed to give some of the Faculty’s outstanding postgraduate research students in the final year of their candidacy the opportunity to pursue enhanced teaching experiences.

General Conditions

TFs will be held for a period of one year. Students can only hold one TF during their candidature.

TFs will normally be held during the final year of a student’s candidature, which may include some time after the student has submitted his/her thesis and is waiting on examiners’ reports, making final corrections etc.

TFs will be paid at a fractional (0.2) Level A rate. TFs are expected to experience academic benefits, such as mentoring and inclusion in Department and/or School activities, beyond those provided by casual tutoring.

TFs will undertake up to four hours face-to-face teaching per week during the teaching weeks of Semester. The duties included in their teaching should not be limited to tutoring but should include other teaching and teaching-related activities as appropriate (e.g., occasional lectures, curriculum development). These activities may occur outside the teaching weeks of Semester.

The expected teaching and other activities to be undertaken by TFs must be indicated on the application form.


To be eligible for consideration for a TF, applicants must submit an application that demonstrates both their own competitiveness and the ability of their Department or School to provide them with enhanced teaching opportunities and appropriate supervision and mentoring.

This document is in Adobe Acrobat format. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, please obtain a free copy from the Adobe website.

Applications for 2014 are due by Friday 6 September 2013.

Applications must use the form provided, and include any relevant supporting material.

Applications will be ranked within each School at a meeting convened by the School’s representative/s on the Faculty Postgraduate Research Committee. A sub-committee of the Faculty Postgraduate Research Committee, with one member from each of the five Schools, will meet to determine the overall ranking of the candidates and nominate the 10 recipients for 2014.

Results of the selection process, including the names, Departments and Schools of successful applicants, will be publicised on the Faculty web pages.