Students who are currently on a suspension (leave of absence for a semester or two), or students who were unsuccessful when pre-enrolling, will need to apply to the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences to re-enrol.

Re-enrollers will need to come on to the campus in person, or send a proxy (local students only), in order to enrol into classes. This should be done before semester starts so that the student doesn't miss important lectures, and so they can generate their timetables and plan their studies before classes start.


Students will be asked to choose their units of study for the upcoming year (semesters 1 and 2), or just the upcoming semester if the student is re-enrolling in mid-year. Before the student comes in to Re-enrol they should plan which units of study they intend to take by browsing the appropriate handbook. Please pay particular attention to things like pre-requisites and co-requisites, and also units that require departmental permission. The student can begin contacting relevant departments, and seeking this permission before coming in to re-enrol. It is also a good idea to to choose some back-up units of study, just in case the pre-requisites of the first choice units have yet to be met.

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