Reduced Semester Load for International Students

Steps to follow
Submitting your application
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Due to regulations and visa requirements, international students must be enrolled in a full-time load of 24 credit points per semester.

In exceptional circumstances you may enrol in less than 24 credit points, but you need to apply to take a reduced load and will need to supply supporting documentation.

Some examples of where you may take a reduced load are;

  • you have suffered serious illness or injury
  • compelling circumstances have meant that you have missed two or more weeks of study
  • you have been identified as not meeting academic progression requirements, or an academic adviser has advised that you should take a reduced load
  • you have completed a unit in Summer/Winter school and are in your final semester of study
  • the structure of the degree prevents you from enrolling in 24 credit points

Steps to follow

  • You should consult an academic or student advisor
  • Then submit an application to reduce your study load through your Sydney Student portal in myUni.
  • You will need to make this application before the Census Date, otherwise financial and academic penalties will apply.
  • The Faculty will contact you with the outcome of your application to reduce your load. If your load is reduced the Faculty will also notify the International Student Advisers who may, in turn, notify the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).

Supporting documentation:

If you have suffered serious illness or injury

If you have compelling circumstances that have resulted in you missing two weeks of study or more

  • Supporting documentation must include any relevant doctor’s certificates, statutory declarations, police reports etc.

If you have previously been identified as not meeting academic progression requirements

  • Supporting documentation not necessary
  • Where you have not yet failed any units of study but performance in assessments in unit to date indicate likelihood of failure, you will need to provide an assessment piece as evidence of performance in the relevant unit of study

If you are unable to enrol in a fulltime load due to availability of units of study

  • Supporting documentation not necessary

If you have previously completed and unit of study in Summer or Winter School and you are in your final year of study

  • Supporting documentation not necessary

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