Student Email


Every student at the University is automatically issued with an email address for the duration of their enrolment.

All correspondence from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and the University will be sent to the university email address. Any correspondence sent to the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences regarding your candidature must be sent from your university email address. Failure to do so may cause delays in the processing of a request.

The rules

  • It is essential that you regularly check your University mail box for official University or Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences communications and respond as directed.
  • If the auto-forward function is used from the University mail box to another account, evidence of delivery to the University mail box will be taken as evidence of receipt. To set up this function please visit the forwarding options on Sydney mail page.
  • If you suspend your studies for a semester or two you may not be able to log in to your email through MyUni. If this is the case you can still access their Sydney University email account. Please check the Sydney Mail website for further details. This could be particularly important when it comes time to re-enrol after a suspension.