Timetable Changes

Students may experience timetable clashes or have commitments and will need to vary their timetable. MyUni, allows students to make these timetable changes where classes and enrolment numbers permit. The Faculty office can not make changes to timetables.

Information about timetables and how to change them, as well as where to find a classroom is available on the Timetables page of the University student administration website.

Steps to follow

  • Log on to MyUni. MyUni allows students to amend their individual timetables, if required, to suit other commitments. On MyUni a student can 'block out' a period of up to one full day or two half days, so that no classes are scheduled for those times. For example, a student who works at a part-time job on Monday afternoons can block out that period on their personal timetable. MyUni will then change the timetable to fit in with this. (Please Note: The rescheduling process will reallocate class times for all units of study, rather than only the class that was originally in the blocked out time). Students can also request to be allocated, where possible, to evening classes only.
  • MyUni makes the changes and immediately shows the student a new timetable, which the student may either 'accept' or 'reject'. If the student accepts the new timetable it is printed out and becomes effective immediately. Timetable changes may only be made until the end of week 1 of semester.
  • If the changes cannot be made on the web through MyUni, students can get assistance from the Student Centre at designated times before semester and during exam period. This information can be found at http://web.timetable.usyd.edu.au/changingTimetables.jsp

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