Diploma of Social Sciences

To qualify for the Pass Diploma, candidates must complete at least 48 credit points, including at least 36 senior credit points, in one of the following disciplines:

 Diploma of Social Sciences Majors Available

The subject area will be shown in brackets on the testamur.

Please note: students commencing in 2014 and beyond must include a minimum of 6 credit points of senior-advanced (3000 level) units of study in their chosen major(s). You must view the unit of study tables in the handbook for the chosen major(s) for further information. Students commencing their degree prior to 2014 you are not necessarily required to complete a senior-advanced unit in the chosen major(s) unless otherwise instructed to do so.

Eligibility for Admission

To be eligible for admission, you must either:

  • be enrolled in an undergraduate degree or combined degree at the University of Sydney, other than undergraduate degrees or combined degrees offered by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences ( which includes all combined degrees with a Bachelor of Arts component and the Bachelor of Liberal Studies); or
  • be enrolled in an undergraduate degree or combined degree at another recognised tertiary institution; or
  • have been awarded, or be eligible for the award of an undergraduate degree from a recognised tertiary institution.

Time Limits

Undergraduate Diplomas must be completed within six calendar years of first enrolment. Any semesters in which you are on an approved suspension, or not enrolled, are counted towards this overall time limit.

Credit for Previous Studies

Credit for previous undergraduate studies may be granted for the Diploma. Please contact the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Office on +61 2 9351 or +61 2 9351 7449 for more information.