Honours Thesis Ethics Proposals - Procedure

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences administers a Low Risk Human Research Ethics Committee that processes all Disciplinary Honours-level ethics applications on behalf of the University Office of Research Integrity.

What type of research needs ethics approval?

As a general principle, any research involving human subjects requires ethics approval, including projects involving the following kinds of methodologies (note: the list is not exhaustive):

  1. questionnaires;
  2. surveys or interviews (including oral history);
  3. telephone interviewing;
  4. recording by audio- or video-tape;
  5. observations of behaviour (including ethnographic fieldwork).

Note that a key part of the approval process involves ensuring that the University complies with its duty of care to students. Safety protocols must be prepared for all students conducting any research off-campus, whether in Australia or overseas.

If you have any doubts as to whether to proceed with an application for Ethics Approval, please contact .

How to apply for human ethics approval

1. Prepare

2. The Application Process:

The procedure to have your Honours thesis ethic proposal considered by the Faculty Low Risk Ethics Committee is as follows:

  • Complete the application online. If this is the first time you have submitted online you may wish to view the IRMA how-to videos to create a new application form.
  • Please make sure that you upload the Participant Information Statement (PIS), Participant Consent Form (PCF), interview questions, letters/emails of invitation, questionnaires, safety protocols and other supporting documentation under the "Documents" tab before submitting your application.
  • Make sure all internal investigators, including students, are listed on the coversheet. This includes the person submitting the form. Please ensure the number of internal investigators includes the Chief Investigator. If external investigators are involved please upload the External Approvers Form with the required signatures.
  • Submit your application for authorisation.

3. Approval Declarations (sign off)

After you submit your application the relevant signatories need to complete the online approval declarations (sign off). You need to allow enough time before the submission deadline for sign off. Find out more about approval declarations and how they work.

4. What to expect after you have applied