Continuing Students

Continuing students are not required to attend an enrolment session as they can pre-enrol for the following academic year through the system available on MyUni. To assist you in your subject selection, please refer to the Faculty handbook available at Handbooks Online. You will be sent an email with instructions about pre-enrolment procedures in early October. Please ensure that you read this carefully as a successful pre-enrolment will save you time and pressure later on.

The University sends notification to all pre-enrolling students in mid January. If you successfully pre-enrol you will receive a confirmation of your enrolment, information about variation deadlines and an invoice for your compulsory subscription fees for the year as well as applicable course fees for the semester.

Pre-enrolment can be completed online via MyUni for most students in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, with the following exceptions:

  • Currently enrolled Honours students who are continuing with Honours in the following year
  • Undergraduate Diploma of Arts, Diploma of Social Sciences and Diploma of Language Studies students
  • Currently enrolled Bachelor of Arts (Advanced) (Honours) students

Students in these categories will need to complete a paper pre-enrolment form and be pre-enrolled by an Adviser in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

Pre-enrolment will commence in early October, further information can be found on the University Pre-enrolment page.

If you cannot pre-enrol via the Internet

If you are unable to pre-enrol on the Internet you are required to use the paper-based pre-enrolment form, available from the University Pre-enrolment page and come in person to the Student Counter at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Office before the specified pre-enrolment closing date.

If you do not pre-enrol

If you fail to pre-enrol for the following year, the only alternative is to enrol in person at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Office on a date and time designated by the Faculty.

When you have not pre-enrolled

If your pre-enrolment is unsuccessful you will be notified in writing that you have failed to pre-enrol and are required to enrol in person on a date and time designated by the Faculty.

If you do not attempt to pre-enrol you will not be notified, and you will need to contact the Faculty to arrange a time to enrol in person.