Digital Cultures

Digital Cultures is an innovative interdisciplinary program within the Department of Media and Communications. It critically investigates the internet, new media and digital technologies and the roles they play in contemporary society, media, culture, business, politics, the arts and everyday life. The Digital Cultures program places intelligent, interactive, mobile and networked technologies in context, drawing on media studies, cultural studies, new media studies, science and technology studies, sociology, media arts and philosophy to understand the many changes associated with digital media.

At the undergraduate level, the Digital Cultures Program offers a major and minor in Digital Cultures. Students who wish to deepen their knowledge and skills in this major also have the option of a fourth year combining the Bachelor of Arts degree with the new Bachelor of Advanced Studies. In the Bachelor of Advanced Studies, students can undertake advanced coursework, complete a second major, combine studies from a range of disciplines and get involved in cross-disciplinary community, professional, research or entrepreneurial project work. We also offer an Honours option in fourth year that allows students to take a second major, undertake a research project, and become an expert in a recent development in digital media.

At the postgraduate level we offer coursework programs in Digital Communication and Culture as well as higher research degrees from MA (Research) to PhD.