Welcome to Digital Cultures

The Digital Cultures program was first established in 2000 in response to the growing proliferation of digital media and information and communication technologies in contemporary society, media, culture, business, politics, the arts and everyday life. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, the Digital Cultures program brings the critical power of humanities scholarship to investigate and contextualize the fast moving developments in digital media and communication in the following areas:

  • computer games
  • virtual communities
  • theories of technology and culture
  • digital research
  • media arts
  • internet governance
  • digital publishing
  • online publics

The academic staff in the Digital Cultures program come from a wide variety of disciplines and have a continuing commitment to maintaining the highest standards in teaching and research in both our undergraduate and postgraduate programs. In 2012, the Digital Cultures program amalgamated with the Department of Media and Communications in recognition of the growing synergies in our teaching and research interests. The amalgamated Department is also supported by the Digital Media Unit with specialist services in video, audio media and digital technology.