Welcome to Digital Cultures

Digital Cultures is an innovative cross-disciplinary program in the Department of Media and Communications that critically investigates the social and cultural impacts of new digital media technologies. It combines scholarly critical depth with contemporary relevance. How do emerging technologies influence the ways information and knowledge are created and circulated? How are networks transforming local and global politics and social relations?
How have the arts, commerce, government, media and entertainment adopted digital technologies? What are the implications of the digital for work, play, power, identity, and everyday life?

The Digital Cultures Program puts intelligent, interactive, mobile and networked technologies into context, drawing on media studies, sociology, history, philosophy, cultural studies, games studies and cyberculture studies. The program combines face-to-face coursework with exercises in computer labs using web production tools, social software, blogs and wikis.

On the undergraduate level, the Digital Cultures Program offers a major in Digital Cultures and an Honours Program that allows students to undertake a research project and become an expert in a recent development in digital media. The program also offers postgraduate degrees in Digital Communication and Cultures as well as higher degree research leading to a PhD.