Ms Michela Ledwidge

Ms Michela Ledwidge

BA Hons, University of Sydney (1993)


Michela Ledwidge is an award-winning artist, entrepreneur and technologist. With over 17 years experience in the digital media sector she has been at the forefront of cutting edge developments.

In Australia she created NSW's first website in 1993. In the UK she led technical development of the BBC's first online community system in 1998. She won Brilliant Digital Entertainment's Interactive Screenwriting Competition in 1997 (ten weeks in the headbin). She won the 2001 SIGGRAPH Web3D Art Prize (Horses for Courses) and in 2004 won a UK Invention award for 'remixable films' with which she founded the virtual studio MOD Films. In 2007 she was a technical architect on the BAFTA winning BBC iPlayer service. In 2008 she introduced Australia's first digital download service for feature film screeners and review copies (The Jammed). Michela received the inaugural 2009 Sydney Film Festival Peter Rasmussen Innovation Award for her body of work. In 2009 she designed and produced video game, Babe on a Beam for iPhone, produced the interactive side of dirtgirlworld, screening on ABC1/ABC2, and created the Remixable Media post-graduate unit of study for the University of Sydney.

Michela is a pioneer in cross-media storytelling influenced by the video game MOD paradigm and live performance. Her work has been presented internationally and is regularly cited in film and media studies courses.

Research Interests

  • the future of storytelling - emerging trends and paradigms, multi-platform, cross-media, trans-media, 360 degree commissioning
  • remixable films - original cinematic art designed for re-versioning, the appropriation of new and existing cinematic assets by audiences, application of the video game MOD paradigm to linear media
  • live cinema - real-time audiovisual events, vision mixing, VJ culture meets audience participation
  • The Semantic Web - software frameworks for the sharing and the reuse of data


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