Undergraduate Study

Digital Cultures Program

The Digital Cultures program offers units of study at both Pass and Honours level. Units of study can be taken as part of a major in Digital Cultures or as stand alone units (electives).

Digital Cultures is an innovative program that critically investigates the practical, social and cultural implications of new media and digital technologies such as the web, mobile devices, computer games and new media arts. What happens at the interface between emerging new media technologies and the ways information and knowledge are created, circulated and consumed? How have the arts, commerce, government, media and entertainment sectors adopted digital technologies?

The program places intelligent, interactive, mobile and networked technologies in context, taking an interdisciplinary approach, drawing on sociology, history, philosophy, media studies, cultural studies and new media studies to understand the dramatic changes emerging as digital media proliferate. Most Digital Cultures units mix face-to-face coursework with practical exercises in computer labs; such as web production, blogs and wikis.

Major in Digital Cultures

Units of Study

A description and timetable of all units of study on offer through the department is available by selecting from the menu on the left.

Major in Digital Cultures

A description of the major for students commencing their degree in or after 2014 can be found here.

Students who began their degree prior to 2014 should refer to the description of the major in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Handbook from the year they commenced.


An honours degree is available to students who undertake an extra year of research based study. Please refer to the Digital Cultures Honours page for more information.