A message of welcome and gratitude to our supporters – from Professor Duncan Ivison, Dean of Arts and Social Sciences,

On behalf of all staff and students, thank you for your involvement and support. I am personally grateful for the interest and generosity of alumni and friends because it makes such a positive difference to our efforts, as we strive to provide world-class teaching and research programs. We believe in the transformative potential of a truly liberal arts education and our supporters are helping us realise this ambition. I hope that you will enjoy reading about giving - and the impact of gifts – on the linked pages.

Professor Duncan Ivison

Professor Duncan Ivison, Dean of Arts and Social Sciences

Private philanthropy - contributed by alumni, friends, and current and former staff - plays a critical role in assisting our Faculty’s researchers, teachers and students to perform to the best of their ability. While visionary major gifts and bequests enable us to move towards our goals more quickly and contribute a margin of excellence, smaller donations provide financial assistance for recurrent annual priorities, like student scholarships.

In 2012, nearly 1,200 individuals and organisations made a gift to help sustain the rich range of projects and disciplinary areas that we offer. Indeed, we are especially proud and grateful that our Faculty’s annual benefactors have increased threefold since 2008. This is a special and effective demonstration of the high regard which the Australian and international community has for the humanities and social sciences, and a measure of what these disciplines give in return, to individuals and society.

Our new students join a vibrant, academically rigorous community, and benefit from the opportunity to develop and hone their research, analysis and criticism - skills they will need in order to thrive in today’s fast-paced, globalised environment. We want them to succeed in life and also to gain meaning and value from it. A first class education in the humanities and social sciences provides students with the intellectual foundations for dealing with the extraordinary changes they will face over the course of their lives.

The Faculty also continues to produce outstanding research. This year, once again, we were ranked among the top 21 faculties in the arts and humanities in the world (as determined by leading international ranking exercises). This is a remarkable achievement and testament to the amazing quality of our researchers. We continue to attract leading scholars in our disciplines who are engaged in truly groundbreaking work, addressing some of the key challenges of our time.

Community participation and social inclusion are responsibilities which we take very seriously too. On this front we are proud to be participating in the University’s new social inclusion program. This will see a new cohort of students joining us from 2013 onwards, from schools with which we have formed close partnerships in order to encourage a greater diversity of students in the humanities and social sciences. We are also looking at imaginative ways in which to apply the valuable financial support provided by our donors, to encourage and facilitate student participation in this work. In doing so, I believe that our undergraduates can make a positive difference for the benefit of the community and enrich their learning experience at the same time.

In 2012 we launched and sought support for The Dean’s Scholarship Fund and I was delighted by the generosity of the response. We moved ahead with this initiative in order to help our talented students reach their full potential. You can read about some of the positive results on our Gift Impact page.

The challenges we face today are diverse and complex. There are no easy answers to problems such as global warming, international conflict, or economic instability. But through transformative research and exceptional teaching our students are developing the skills and knowledge to help find those answers. Sydney’s liberal arts graduates can have a profound impact as leaders of the future.

Thank you for helping us to achieve our ambitions and compete with the best in the world. I hope that we will continue to benefit from your involvement and generosity.


Duncan Ivison

Duncan Ivison

PS. All gifts for the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences are tax deductible and Guy Houghton our Senior Associate Director, Development welcomes your enquiries and ideas – feel free to contact him at .