FASS eLearning

eLearning, when appropriately blended with face-to-face learning, is a significant tool for enriching the student experience and prepares graduates to be creative participants in modern society and workplaces where interactive multimedia technologies are now widely used.

FASS eLearning is a critical part of the FASS Teaching & Learning which provides strategic leadership and management for the enhancement of teaching and learning in the Faculty.

FASS eLearning’s mission is organized around two main areas of activity:

1. guidance and support in the pedagogical design and development of blended learning in the five Schools of the Faculty, eg.
   a. getting started with eLearning,
   b. selecting effective blended learning activities for particular contexts,
   c. using the appropriate technical tools, etc., and

2. projects in blended learning and its impact on student learning and pedagogical practice.