Mission and Values

FASS eLearning, in collaboration with the Faculty’s academic staff, drives the improvement of blended curriculum design to create a rich and flexible learning experience for students.

FASS eLearning is focused on both the needs of Arts and Social Science students and staff, and is strongly committed to the development of reflective pedagogical practice and the enhancement of scholarship in eLearning. The discovery and dissemination of new knowledge are central to its mission.

Through our active involvement in research projects in curriculum design and flexible learning, we are able both to provide pedagogical guidance and design support informed by the latest research findings and to contribute to the body of research in eLearning in higher education.

FASS eLearning’s work and priorities are underpinned by a commitment to a type of service to the Faculty and University staff and students that:

  • offers evidence-based and research-informed assistance in the design and development of blended learning and assessment activities,
  • promotes eLearning as a robust and valued educational tool,
  • is focused on quality blended learning development,
  • provides a clearinghouse of information on eLearning developments and research and,
  • creates and nurtures a community of eLearning practitioners that share and disseminate experiences and results.