Multimedia and Lecture Recording


Multimedia is rapidly becoming a popular component of teaching. In the context of Tertiary Education, it enhances the learning experience as a supplementary resource and also allows students to revise learning material at their leisure.

How can we help?

  • The Arts eLearning room is equipped with the latest software and hardware for multimedia authoring, media conversion, scanning, and disc burning.
  • We can also help with: external AV file conversions, compressions, copying, editing, and linking.
  • If you would like to use multimedia in your teaching, we can give you advice and assist you in the process of creating and adapting content.

Lecture recording system Echo360 (formerly Lectopia)

Echo360 (formerly Lectopia) is the university-wide lecture recording service provided by ICT that can record your lectures automatically. Lectures can be recorded and made available online or you can upload external resources such as podcasts, videos, or excerpts from the television.

How can we help?

  • Arts eLearning can assist you with how to record your lecture and provide ongoing support for linking your recordings in the eLearning system.
  • Assistance with uploading resources such as podcasts, videos, sound files and tv excerpts.
  • If your lectures are not held in a ecture recording enabled teaching space, Arts elearning can help with the other options available to you such as 'screencasting' and recording your own lectures.