DECRA success for Economics!

6 November, 2012

Congratulations Dr Aarti Singh and Dr Jonathan Newton who have both been awarded DECRAS in the latest ARC round.

Dr Aarti Singh has been awarded a Discovery Early Career Researcher Award for her project "Human Capital Risk: Implications for Policy", investigating the impact of policy on human capital decisions when these decisions are associated with income and employment risk. Dr Singh's project will focus on two fundamental policies: education subsidies and unemployment benefits.

Dr Jonathan Newton was awarded his DECRA for his project, "Bank Regulation: the implications of interconnectedness and adaptive behaviour" in which he will apply evolutionary game theory and theory of networks to models of bank regulation in order to gain an improved understanding of the effects of such regulation. The aim of the project is to facilitate the goal of lessening the frequency and scale of banking crises.


The School of Economics isthe only Economics school to have been awarded more than one DECRA this round. Congratulations Dr Newton and Dr Singh.


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